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How To Make An Effective Resume: Expectations vs. Reality

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Resume is your first presentation so it should be Effective;

Things to remember while making an resume

  • Resume should be detailed, a short resume is never effective because it lacks major points which helps to get a job
  • Effective Resume should be personalized, only copy-paste technique is never effective while creating a Resume.
  • Mention your Education qualification with the education board and the year is a must in an effective resume.
  • It’s better to mention the highest/latest qualification first then follow the order.
  • Effectiveness of resume is enhanced, if you mention your other skills or computer proficiency 
  • Job responsibilities or your work profile in your previous jobs is must to mention in an effective resume,
  • If experience is the key to getting you a job than job responsibilities are master keys,
  • You don’t know which point in job responsibilities Clicks to the employer  
  • Mention your experience with job responsibilities in the latest first order effectively in the Resume with total time period and year 
  • Always remember honesty is the best policy, Write your strength and weakness (if you can’t really overcome from it) honestly in an effective resume 
  • Please do mention languages you can speak or write for the effectiveness of Resume 
  • If you are free to relocate or open to touring job, please mention it in a Resume, sometimes its proves to be effective in getting a job
  • Attaching formal Passport Size latest photograph with resume improves its effectiveness
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Format of an efficient resume

  • In the heading write “Resume”


On the top of esteem left side, attach your latest passport size photograph

  • Write your full name, working mobile no. and email, Current Address, and permanent address if it’s different from current address

Now in the body of the effective resume 

  • Write your education and professional qualification with examination board and year of completion

After that

  • Mention your all work experience with job responsibilities or work profile in different jobs or companies (you can also write the company profile if it’s matched to the company, in which you are applying for a job)

Towards the end of your resume

Do mention following things

  • Languages you can speak and write
  • Your strengths or hobbies 
  • Willing to relocate or not
  • Willing for touring jobs
  • Your signature with name

Note: You can add a cover letter to your resume, mentioning you are applying for a particular job and how can you be beneficial to the company, if they appoint you.

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Few Mistakes we make results in losing the effectiveness of Resume

  • Too short Resume- results in losing points beneficial for getting a job
  • Not mentioning time Duration- Time and year are must to be mention in education and work experience
  • Dishonesty- Mention things or quality you don’t poses results in wrong answers in an interview
  • General copying the resume- it sometimes results in embarrassment in an interview.
  • Getting too must philosophical- it makes Resume too much boring and not up to the mark

       Thanks for reading

Hoping for your good future!

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Viveka Sharma

(Disha Better Jobs)

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